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Latest blog from ESR5 Zachary Dellacqua, 2nd April 2021.

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University of Liège

Develop a software tool able to automatically identify skeletal elements in a variety of images, perform measurements, classify skeletal malformations, and disseminate a web-based environment.



University of Liège

Study the function of specific mutated zebrafish genes in bone formation.




Combine generation of mutant zebrafish lines with studies in human cell lines to investigate the function of specific genes.



Universita Degli Studi de Roma Tor Vergata

Develop a description of morphological, histological and biomolecular descriptors/markers of anomalous skeletogenesis.



Universita Degli Studi de Roma Tor Vergata

Study how the behavioural dynamics modulate skeletal anomaly’s onset and repair.



Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Determine the effect of plant ingredients on skeleton macro- and micromorphology by following molecular and practical morphological indicators.


ESR 7 

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Perform the economic evaluation, using the discrete choice methodology, to measure in monetary terms the burden of bone anomalies in European fish farms, evaluating the risk and prediction of skeleton anomalies as well as the effect of preventive measures developed and applied by fish farmers.



Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Characterize the effects of vitamins K and D effects on Ca metabolism and skeletal health of marine fish larvae, model fish and on bone-derived cells, with the aim to define adequate levels of these vitamins for preservation of skeletal health.



Universidade Do Algarve

Study the mineralogenic effects of compounds extracted from marine organisms on bone cell cultures, model and aquaculture fish, to discover positive effects on bone formation and regeneration.


ESR 10

Universita Politecnica Delle Marche

Study the effects of micronutrients extracted from Lactobacillus on osteoblastic and chondroblastic skeletal cells, on zebrafish cell cultures and on aquaculture species, to discover positive effects on bone formation and regeneration.


ESR 11

Universiteit Gent

Study vertebral fusion defects in developing salmon in order to better understand the fusion process also in other species and to formulate recommendations to reduce their incidence.


ESR 12

Universiteit Gent

Focus on the effects of phosphate deficiency or oversupply on skeletal malformations, with focus on vertebral column malformations, to define optimal conditions for skeletal health.


ESR 13

Universidade Do Algarve

Determine the effect of the balance in antioxidant and pro-oxidant nutrients in bone mineralization and remodelling to better understand the role of reactive oxygen species on bone formation and remodelling.


ESR 14

Westfaelische Wilhelmsuniversitaet Muenster

In depth understanding of the molecular and cellular events during spine repair in larval zebrafish based on 4D description of the cellular process leading to repair and based on molecular analysis of the expression profile of these cells.


ESR 15

Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera

Study the role of dietary lipids in growth, mineral contents and effects on skeletal development by identifying genes involved in mediating the skeletogenic effects of essential fatty acids. Recommend dietary EFA levels that promote a correct osteological development in aquaculture.

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