Dr Marc Muller


University of Liège, GIGA


Marc’s research focuses on Developmental Biology using the zebrafish as a model system, using molecular and genetic approaches.  His main focus is on bone development and homeostasis, however his group is also studying more general perturbations of zebrafish physiology by physical (changes in gravity) or chemical treatments.  Recent studies include studying the effects of food additives, endocrine disruptors, and of mixtures thereof to better understand the intricate interactions between the various signaling pathways involved.


Currently a Senior Research Associate at the "Fonds National de Recherche Scientifique", Principal Investigator at the GIGA Research Center and Lecturer of Molecular and Cellular Biology at University of Liège (ULG).  Marc obtained his MSc in Chemical Sciences at University of Liège, Belgium, in 1980 and was awarded in 1986 a PhD in Chemical Sciences, specialising on DNA repair mechanisms at the same University of Liège.  As a postdoctoral scientist in Germany, Marc was involved in studying gene regulation in various systems, before taking his present position and focusing on zebrafish embryo development and toxicology.


Marc Muller is the coordinator of the Biomedaqu project, supervisor of ESR2 and co-supervisor of ESR1.  These projects aim to use the zebrafish as a model system for skeletal pathologies in humans and in fish.  Specifically, ESR2 will generate mutants in genes whose human homologs are associated to skeletal pathologies, and study the function of these genes in zebrafish.  During this process, both ESR1 and ESR2 will develop new methods and protocols to characterize bone development in fish.

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