Caroline Caetano

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Primary Supervisor: Prof Martine Cohen-Solal


MSc in Sciences, specialty genetics and endocrinology from University of São Paulo Medical School (FMUSP)

BSc in Biological Sciences from University of São Paulo State (UNESP)


Caroline always knew she wanted to work in a research laboratory, with a special interest in genetics and human diseases. 

For her bachelor thesis she worked with genetics of bacteria at UNESP (University of São Paulo State).

During her master’s she moved to São Paulo to do her research at University of São Paulo Medical school. At the department of Endocrinology, her studies involved understanding two genes and their role in congenital hypopituitarism. She was one of the first students to start work with the zebrafish facility at the University; with this she had to learn and standardize many techniques. She was able to work independently with this animal model, and by the end of her master’s she was helping to managing the facility.  The main goal of her project was to characterize these two genes in the pituitary, and their function in the hormone production, development and behavior. She used different techniques in molecular and cell biology.

During her master’s she spent six months as an intern at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, USA) to learn the CRISPR-Cas9 Technique.

Now she is pursuing her PhD in the BiomedAqu doctoral research program at Inserm with functional approach of genetic variants in idiopathic osteoporosis. She will work with cells and zebrafish as an animal model to correlate the genotype to the phenotype of osteoporosis.


After Caroline finished her master’s, she worked during a year in cancer research as a research assistant in a hospital.  She was responsible for a whole laboratory helping students with their projects and she was responsible for the Sanger, Miseq and Nextseq sequencers.

She has been a volunteer biology teacher to adults who were unschooled as children.  She also volunteered at SOS Mata Atlântica, an NGO for environmental preservation.  She was a Hospital Clown for Anjos da Alegria Association, carrying out weekly visits to the public hospital to bring cheer to patients during their treatment.

Caroline Speaks Portuguese (native speaker), English, Spanish, a bit of Chinese and she is learning French.

During her bachelor's degree, she was an exchange student at Hubei University in China.

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