Sivagurunathan Ulaganathan

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Primary Supervisor: Prof Marisol Izquierdo 

Co-Supervisor: Prof Clara Boglione


  • Bachelor of Fisheries science, TNJFU - Fisheries College and Research Institute, Tuticorin, TamilNadu, India.
  • Masters in Fisheries science, Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  • Currently pursuing PhD in University of Las Palmas Gran Canaria, Spain.

Siva feels lucky enough that he completed his bachelor of fisheries science in his birth place – Thoothukudi or Tuticorin, India. Thoothukudi is known as "Pearl City" due to the pearl fishing carried out in the town. The majority of the people in city are employed in salt pans, sea-borne trading, fishing, and tourism. So the love towards fish, fishing community inspired him to focus his higher education on fishery science.


A happy life of Bachelor degree by obtaining basic knowledge in fisheries and hands on training program related to aquaculture, fish processing had moved Siva into scientific life in his master’s program, where his research focused on Vitamin D and an endocrine gland called Corpuscles of Stannius. Here he started investigating the action of Vitamin D on calcium regulation and the response of Corpuscles of Stannius by the release of Stanniocalcin for calcium homeostasis. He analyzed serum calcium and inorganic phosphate level, cellular changes in Corpuscles of Stannius by histology, and molecular work like calcium homeostatic gene STC (Stanniocalcin) had been partially characterized and its expression towards the action of Vitamin D had been investigated. This basic work gave Siva an idea to pursue his work at a higher level in his PhD programme.

On the Biomedaqu Project, Siva is able to work on the same nutrient Vitamin D along with Vitamin K to analyze the calcium metabolism and skeletal health. He is determining the level of inclusion of these nutrients in larval feed to improve growth and also to overcome skeletal abnormalities in marine fish larvae. Finally he will be able to suggest to farmers the inclusion of these vitamins in feed to avoid skeletal deformities in farmed fish and lead to an increase in fish production that helps to improve their economy.


Siva has undertaken hands-on training programs in several fish and shrimp farms, fish processing plants, hatcheries and feed companies.

In relation to administration, he was elected Student Literary secretary during his bachelor program in TNJFU, Tuticorin. Then he was elected Student Cultural secretary during his masters in CIFE, Mumbai. This was followed with being selected Student President of Post-graduate School Students' Union in CIFE. During his masters he was elected as State representative for All India Agricultural Students Association, which collects the problems from respective state fisheries and academics and delivers it to the central government for actions to overcome the problems.

Apart from academia, Siva is interested in dance, yoga, sports and photography. He has participated in cultural and sports events.

Siva is a member of the VIRUTSHAM group which is involved in social activities that assist people who are socio-economically challenged. The motto of the organization is to educate students so that they can have a better future and to participate in environmental issues such as planting saplings, clearing plastic waste, conducting campaigns, etc.

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