Navdeep Kumar

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Primary Supervisor: Dr Raphaël Maree


Navdeep completed his Bachelor and Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Punjab Technical University, India. After working for about four years in academia, he moved to France to pursue an International Master of Science in Machine Learning and Data Mining at the University of Saint Etienne. During this period, he worked as a machine learning research intern at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Lyon, France, and as a deep learning research intern at the International Electronics and Engineering (IEE) S.A, Luxembourg.


As a research intern at CNRS, Navdeep worked on developing machine learning algorithms for automaticaaly detecting myocardial infarction from 3D mesh images of the heart. From this internship, he received practical experience at implementing the statistical machine learning algorithms such as support vector machine, random forests and gradient boosting algorithms on three dimensional mesh data. As a deep learning research intern at IEE, he received the opportunity to explore and implement deep learning algorithms for real-time sensor data. During this internship, he worked on applying various state-of-the-art deep learning-based feature extraction and classification approaches for the application of vision-based occupant classification systems. He tested deep learning approaches on various adversarial conditions such as changes in illumination conditions, change in the appearance of the vehicle, etc.

Currently Navdeep is pursuing a Doctoral study within the framework of the BIOMEDAQU project, under the thesis title of “Multi-modal Image Analysis with Deep Learning”. As an AI expert, his main task in this project is to develop state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for automatic classification of various skeletal deformations in a model (such as zebra fish or medaka fish) and cultured fish (such as sea bream).


During his tenure in academia, Navdeep supervised various projects for undergraduate students related to digital image processing. His main areas of research interest include Domain Adaptation, Continuous Learning and Auto Learning.

Apart from studies, Navdeep is very interested in reading articles and news about Astronomy and Quantum Physics. His part-time activities and hobbies include listening to classical Indian music, playing the piano and guitar, folk Indian dancing, yoga, gymnasium, etc. Navdeep is also a state-level player in field hockey.

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