Leticia Lujan Amoraga

Leticia lo res

ESR 15

Primary Supervisor: Prof Pedro Pousão 

Co-Supervisor: Prof Clara Boglione


  • B.Sc in Biology at the University of Córdoba ( SPAIN)
  • M.Sc.  in cellular, molecular and genetic biology at the University of A Coruña (SPAIN)



Leticia was always a curious girl in love with nature and especially the ocean. For this reason, since she was very young, she knew that she wanted to study biology. Since she started her Bachelor's Degree in Biology, she has been fascinated by genetics and by the molecular pathways that control the development and appearance of numerous diseases. That's why during her Bachelor's Degree she started to collaborate as an intern in laboratories of molecular genetics at the University of Córdoba. There, she had the chance to gain experience in numerous research techniques and in the handling of different experimental models. Thus, as her knowledge in the field of genetics strengthened, the idea of starting a career as a researcher was reaffirming.

During her Bachelor's Degree, she also gained some basic knowledge in marine biology and about the amazing opportunities that new marine models and marine resources offer in research. For this reason, during the last year of her BA degree, she decided to perform an Erasmus+ at the UNIVPM, where she studied the subjects of the master's degree in marine biology and got her first contact with experimentation and manipulation of marine organisms by performing her final thesis about "Diets contaminated with EDCs and effects in Sparus aurata testis.” Furthermore, when she finished her degree, to gain more experience in this field, she did extracurricular internships at the ICBiBE.

Following her interest in genetics, she enrolled in the Master of Molecular, Cellular, and Genetic Biology at the University of Coruña. There, she obtained important knowledge about the most innovative techniques. Furthermore, she completed internal internships at CICA and did her final thesis on the genotoxic effects of titanium oxide nanoparticles in the SAI.

After finishing her Master's, she decided to pursue a doctorate where she could apply the techniques of cellular, molecular and genetic biology that she had learned over the years and which would also allow her to continue applying that knowledge to research with marine organisms.


Leticia is an adventurous person who is passionate about nature and especially the ocean. For many years she had to support her studies by taking extracurricular jobs including bartender, shop assistant and babysitter. At the same time, she continued learning and and has taken courses in diving, ornithology, medicinal plants, organic farming, genotoxicology and antigenotoxicology of food and in experimentation with larvae and embryos of fish.

She loves to interact with new people and learn about different cultures. She enjoys traveling and loves to learn new languages. She speaks Spanish, Italian and English, and is currently learning Portuguese.

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